Books I’d Like to See: Resurrectionists

395px-Resurrectionists_by_phizI’ve been trying to get more into podcasts, and have been steadily going through the archives of Stuff You Missed in History Class. Actually, it may be more accurate to say I’ve been “devouring” the archives. A few weeks ago, I was listening to the episode about Burke and Hare, serial killers who supplied fresh cadavers to medical schools.

And while that part was interesting, I was actually struck by something else. I was already familiar with the rise of grave robbing. Medical schools needed bodies to teach students anatomy, but the demand far exceeded the supply. Grave robbers could make a lot of money by providing those bodies. People grew so fearful of having their bodies stolen that they would build cages around their graves to protect them.

But the part I didn’t know was that these grave robbers were called Resurrectionists.

First of all, that’s a freaking cool name.

Second, that name got my Muse to sit up and pay attention. That name got my Muse trying to put a paranormal twist on the Resurrectionists.

It still hasn’t decided all of the details, or even thought of characters. It just tosses the idea around a bit. Like maybe the Resurrectionists were reclaiming members of their group who had died (and needed to resurrect). Or maybe they were choosing new members. And maybe they were digging up more people than they needed to in order to hide their real business.

Pretty vague, right? But that’s okay, I’m not planning to write it. I’ll leave that for someone else to do. And I hope they do. Because if someone wrote a book like this, I’d read it. (Hint hint, anyone who is also struck by this and would like to write a fantasy book about it.)

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