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The Queen’s Readers

About the Anthology

Over the course of her career, Tamora Pierce has created two worlds that continue to inspire readers more than 30 years after her first book was published. In The Queen’s Readers, contributors explore a myriad of topics as only fans can: with love and a critical eye. With more than 30 essays covering topics from feminism to Pierce’s mythical creatures Stormwings, no fictional stone is left unturned.

About “(De-)Villainizing a Species: The Evolution of Stormwings”
In Wild Magic, Pierce introduces the Stormwings as a villainous species, created by the dreams of one human to make her people fear the consequences of war. But throughout the remainder of the Immortals Quartet, Pierce complicates that picture, and attempts to de-villainize the species by giving readers a sympathetic character in the Stormwing Rikash. As his relationship with the main character evolves from opposition, to respect, to unlikely friendship, readers’ attitudes toward Stormwings evolve as well.

Special Note
This is a non-profit book. The print books are being sold at cost, and the slim revenue from each Kindle book (less than $0.40!) will be donated to a charity.

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