Inspiration: Bea Miller

Not-An-Apology-250x250I have never encountered an artist where I love every single one of their songs. Usually I love a few songs, like a few others, and don’t really care about the rest.

But then Pandora introduced me to Bea Miller. After a while, I realized that I was thumbing-up every song of hers that played. Pretty unusual. (I started a Bea Miller station, hoping to find similar artists, but the songs Pandora threw at me were…well…not similar. Oh well.)

I seriously love all of her songs. I can’t even pick a favorite. When I try, the conversation ends up going like this: “I Dare You. That’s my favorite.” “Oh, but I love Enemy Fire. That’s my favorite.” “No, wait! I forgot about Fire N Gold. That. That’s my favorite!” (etc. etc. etc.)

And for the first time in forever, I bought an album. (Yes, the last one I bought was the Frozen soundtrack. How could you tell?) I didn’t just buy the album digitally either, I bought the actual CD so I can listen to it in the car. I also bought Open Your Eyes, which was on Pandora but wasn’t in the album.

I’ve been listening to Bea while I write, while I exercise…heck, I’m 99.9% sure I listened to it on the train this morning. (I wrote this post in advance, as I am wont to do.) I’m sure I’ll get sick of it sooner or later. I’m betting later.

So yeah, I invite you to take a listen. Let me know if you like her songs, too!

Update: Yes, I listened to her on the metro. And then when I got to work and switched to Pandora, she was the first one to play. ;D

Disclaimer: the links to Amazon are affiliate links. If you buy stuff, I get a few measly cents. Just so you know. 🙂

Jennifer A. Johnson is a newly published fantasy writer thanks to The Adventure of Creation anthology. She's still revising her first novel, but you can sign up for her free newsletter to pass the time.

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