Holly Lisle’s Writing Courses
Holly offers short courses or clinics that can help you develop certain elements like characters or scenes. But she also has big courses that take you through writing a book, revising a book, and writing a series. I have bought every big course, and I can’t recommend them enough! If you’re serious about writing, you should definitely check them out.

DISCLOSURE: I recommend Holly’s courses because I love them, but I am an affiliate, so I may receive compensation for this recommendation.

Inspired by Austen
Inspired by Austen is my Jane Austen site. It’s a database of Jane Austen fanfiction (mostly books, but there are also movies, comics, and a particularly funny web series). I give official reviews, but you’re welcome to post your own in the comments and rate the books yourself. There are also affiliate links to Amazon if you see something you’d like to buy.

If you’re a Jane Austen fan, you should definitely check it out!