Novel Soundtrack: Narrator

If you’re far enough along on my bi-weekly emails, you’ll know that I have a crap novel soundtrack for Narrator. If you’re everyone else? I have a crap novel soundtrack for Narrator. Seriously, it’s three songs from Swan Lake. Over and over and over…

Or at least, it was.

Now I’ve found actually relevant songs thanks to Bea Miller! So it’s…you know…three different songs over and over and over…

But here’s the best one. As in I think there are only two or three lines that don’t actually fit. First verse is Calder, second verse is Arianna. Listen and be amazed…at how much you trust me to tell you it’s accurate.

(For the writing group friends who were horribly spoiled on the ending, this song makes total sense, right? Right? Because it totally does.)

Update 1/28/16: If you’re interested in the other two novel soundtrack songs, listen to Perfect Picture for Arianna and Paper Doll for Calder.

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