You Are…The Hero


The first to risk danger for the sake of others, Prince Calder is always quick to act — as are you. Both of you are straight-forward, practical, and often called reckless. You’re not too good at strategy, but make up for it with your ability to improvise and adapt at a moment’s notice. However, you tend to see things as black or white. You have a strong faith in destiny, but take issue with people interfering with that destiny — especially when those people are arrogant narrators.

Your Fellow Characters

The Narrator“Pennington”

Omniscient narrator Pennington is charismatic, strong-willed, and excellent at strategy. He’s a natural leader, but he doesn’t tolerate mistakes or stupidity. At best, he’s forceful and persuasive; at worst, he’s manipulative. He views sentiment as weakness, and would never admit to harboring any. He loves a challenge and knows just how to conquer it — unless that challenge involves a rebellious main character.

The Princess“Arianna”

Don’t let the title fool you. Princess Arianna isn’t your classic damsel in distress. She is warm and energetic, and loves to be around others. Highly opinionated, she can also be a bit stubborn. She’s good at reading people, and has a special talent for bringing out the best in them. Her family is most important to her — even if she does have three brothers dividing up her father’s kingdom.

The ScholarEustace

Eustace can enjoy hours of discussion on the history of the Three Kingdoms — once you drag him away from his books. He is a perpetual bookworm, prizing knowledge above all else. As an idealist, he wants to use that knowledge to improve the world. He prefers solitude, and is often labeled as aloof and reserved. Of course, he’s just focused on the task at hand — a task that involves a dark secret.

The Thiefsaydie

Saydie has a few secrets up her sleeve — plus a few knives as well. She’s highly suspicious of others and their motives. But for the lucky few who earn her trust, she is a true and loyal friend. She relies heavily on her instincts, which hard-earned experience has taught her are always right. She also has a talent for seeing many possibilities where other people see only one — a trait Pennington will take advantage of in the coming novel.